Renewed Identity

Encouraged by their team’s positive response to the change in Edinburgh, the design look and feel has been rolled out across their estate. In an iterative process, learnings from the earlier project informed the development of Glasgow’s workspace.

However, whilst retaining consistent branding, subtle changes were made to suit the city’s style and the building’s unique design. Regular consultation and communication with the team throughout the project, supported the changes and the cultural shift.

Providing Choice

Benefitting from knowledge gained in Edinburgh, aspects of the design were replicated in Glasgow. The tea-point/café space was relocated to a central point to bring teams together in a social environment. And a library was added to offer quiet, focus space with dimmed light and reduced sensory stimulation.

Increasing choice, a wide variety of meeting rooms were included. In addition to private rooms for confidential meetings, there are multiple size options and informal booth seating spaces.  Many of the rooms accommodate blended meetings with the key addition of IT and AV equipment.

Clear Lines of Sight

Maximising Glasgow city’s views and benefitting from natural light were also prioritised. Making the most of the floor to ceiling windows, clear lines of sight were retained across the floorplate. So, where zoning was required, it was designed without fixed walls. Using bespoke shelving delineates space, but as they are not fixed to the ceiling, light flows through.

Some zones were marked by the addition of a dropped ceiling with planting and decorative lighting added for visual interest.


Adding planters and modular shelving units creates visual breaks in larger open plan areas. Dressing the space with accessories, books and planting reflects the less corporate, home-from-home, look and feel.

Increasing informal touchdown space – including bespoke seating built around supporting columns – enhances the more domestic aesthetic.


Continuing Brodies vision for their business, the new Glasgow office has social interaction and well-being at its heart. It replicates the most successful elements of Brodies HQ but with its own Glaswegian personality.





  • Client: Brodies LLP

  • Location: Glasgow

  • Size: 26,000 ft²

  • Photography: David Cadzow