Architectural Design

We seek to find balance between architectural quality and commerciality by creating highly efficient buildings that are sensitive and appropriate to their context while responding to client needs.
We look to refine our projects at all times and work towards swift statutory approvals without compromising the original vision.

Spaces that work hard

We create architectural concepts that are both efficient to build and support our clients’ long-term business goals through highly functional space. Our iterative design development process produces exciting architectural concepts to meet complex briefs with compressed schedules and limited budgets.

Developing a strong brief with stakeholders sets the tone for our work and helps us gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ functional needs. The brief is our guide as we creatively explore different avenues to find the best architectural solutions that will both optimise their budget and realise their vision.

Holistic design

We begin every brief thinking about creating smart, highly functional buildings that meet statutory regulations but, more importantly, suit their purpose and context. Beyond the function and purpose of the building we are also conscious of a deeper contextual layer of consideration. We look to create architecture that complements its environs and, where needed, is connected to culture, history or place.

By broadening out our inspiration to consider the role of the building in the near and more distant future, we try to capture the essence of timelessness. In short, designing a building that will stand the test of time, both functionally and aesthetically.

Passion for transformation

We use 3D modelling and CGI tools as an integral part of the design process. These visualisations transform building plans into something more tangible for the client as we explore and agree details.

We are proud of our passion for strong yet considerate design and combine it with a relentless drive to produce transformative buildings that fulfil their purpose.