Interior Design

We are firm believers that good design transforms a space inside and out. Good interior design reflects both how people use the space and how they feel in the space. Often this means we work with businesses to bring brand values to life.

Inside-out thinking

By thinking inside-out we create spaces that resonate with those that use them. By working in a circular way with our architectural colleagues we challenge each other to come up with the best solution, both internally and externally.

Transforming brand personality into a building can be tricky but we are closely aligned with our workplace colleagues and, together, we explore our clients’ needs in depth. We use different tools to engage with our clients such as workshops, drawings and 3D modelling but, most of all, we listen.

Our thoughtful designs aim to reflect brand values and instill a sense of personality to the building. We keep abreast of interiors trends and we allow them to inform, but never dictate, our approach. Our goal is to help connect the fabric of the building with the brand and the humans who use it.

A new lease of life

We relish the challenge of reconfiguring space in an existing building to meet changing needs whilst also respecting the past. While existing buildings pose limitations, they also often bring character and an existing sense of purpose. We engage with those who inhabit the building and explore how they are currently using the space.

Our solutions are always grounded in the principles of function, but we aim to evoke particular sentiments, specific to an individual client, when people are occupying the space.