Strategic Consultancy

MLA’s Consultancy service releases the real value that our projects bring to our clients, their businesses, and their people. A well-designed space should communicate the essence of an organisations’ culture, brand and ethos, and should demonstrate its ability to meet its user’s needs. Whether buildings are existing or new, how people live, work, learn or play in them is what matters most.

Understanding the ‘ins & outs’ of an organisation equips us to design beautiful and well considered spaces. Spaces that will support an organisation,  its people & its visitors by creating a ‘place’ that people love to be. Creating spaces that will support business change for the better.

Your vision

We listen to our clients and help them to explore their needs without pre-conception to develop detailed client briefs. Collaboration is key – using engagement tools such as interviews, workshops, focus groups, utilisation studies and questionnaires, we can dig deeper into our clients’ spatial, cultural and brand ambitions, understanding how all the pieces fit together.

By thoroughly understanding our client’s business we can take them on a journey centred around solutions that will achieve their goals. The result is a design vision that makes a material difference to our client’s business and creates beautiful, imaginative and enjoyable spaces in which they thrive.

Analysing space requirements

Consultancy is both analytical and creative. We love data and how it can be used to create something tangible.

We audit and report on the quality and quantity of spaces, create space budgets, monitor future trends and carry out data analysis to extract the key messages to inform our designs.

You can view some of our projects here.

Design and Methodology

We work in a cyclical way with our clients and colleagues throughout design, build and beyond to ensure we can respond to new challenges whose solutions are incorporated into our designs.

Because we care about our clients achieving their vision, our services don’t end when the building is complete. It is important that, both throughout a project process and upon completion, time is given to review, reflect and learn.

We support our clients in doing this through a post occupancy review, providing valuable benchmarking both for them and for our future projects.

Scottish Bible Society - Breakout

Interested in finding out more?

Our Strategic Consultancy Team are here to help. If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, please get in touch with one of the team;