Green Month 2023 : Net Zero & Beyond….

Following on from the success of our first two Green Months in 2021 and 2022, MLA will again turn it’s focus to sustainability across November, and this year our theme is Net Zero and Beyond….

As of 2019, Scotland and the UK are legally bound to achieve net zero emissions by 2045 and 2050 respectively. In order to stand a reasonable chance of doing so, all sectors in all countries must reduce their emissions as far as possible, and any ‘residual’ emissions will need to be removed.

Not only we will be witnessing this paradigm shift within our lifetimes, but it is expected of all of us to be actively involved in the transition towards Net Zero. This is the greatest challenge of our generation.

During Green Month 2023, we will be discussing the importance of Net-Zero Carbon and how the built environment needs to adapt to meet the national carbon reduction goals and ultimately to limit the consequences of the climate and biodiversity crisis.

We’ve got a great selection of events and speakers in a jam-packed programme put together by our Green Group. Look out for more on Green Month across the month of November.