Hendrick’s Gin Palace

MLA are pleased to announce the recent completion of Hendrick’s new Gin Palace for William Grant & Sons, located in Girvan. The new distillery, located just a stone’s throw from the original, will double Hendrick’s current capacity and allows for the brand’s future growth.

The distillery is formed of four key elements; A Victorian inspired walled garden which encloses three Glasshouses, a central accommodation spine which houses a bar, a lab space and a lecture theatre, three individual still houses and an external service yard with support facilities for the distillation process.

The main glasshouse sits centrally within the walled garden and allows Hendrick’s brand team to host a variety of events within a light and airy structure populated with Victorian oddities. It is flanked by two smaller glasshouses on either side which house a variety of exotic botanicals.

The original copper stills take centre stage within the new distillery, located within a central stillhouse whose dark colour palette allows the bright copper stills to stand out within their surroundings. This is reinforced by the bespoke, stained-glass oculus that sits directly above the 9m tall Carter head still, bathing it in light.

The Gin Palace serves as a platform to allow Hendricks to indoctrinate their brand ambassadors and open their minds to the wonderful world of Hendricks. It also allows them to educate and inspire bartenders about the unique spirit, but, most importantly it gives Hendrick’s a fitting home for their wonderfully eccentric Gin.

A challenging, but hugely collaborative, project stretching way back to early 2016.  A fantastic team effort with a great Client and Brand Team and some outstanding work by Ross McNally at Scaranish.