KPMG Aberdeen’s move away from their traditional townhouse home at Albyn Place to the centrally located 1 Marischal Square development in the centre of the City is now complete.

Their new home provides a flexible, inspirational and collaborative workplace for nearly 100 of KPMG’s Scottish team.  Their fourth floor location in the new building offers large, flexible open spaces overlooking the stunning architecture of the Marischal College building opposite and enables the team to fully embrace a more agile way of working.

The interior concept is a playful response to some of the forms found in Aberdeen’s strong links to its Rivers, its Harbour and the powerful ‘architecture’ of the ships and structures servicing the industries of the North Sea.

The palette of finishes is intentionally rich, soft and warm contrasting the stark, cold beauty of the granite so prevalent in Aberdeen’s architecture.

  • Client: KPMG

  • D&B Contractor: Linear

  • Size: Approx 10,000sqft

  • Photography: David Cadzow