The original Royal Blind School in Edinburgh’s Newington was built in 1876, designed by Charles Leadbetter. A World Class facility at the time, the school moved to new premises in 2014 as new methods of teaching and different requirements meant the existing campus was no longer viable.

Although C-listed, the existing stone-built school building retains very little original features, and its setting has been compromised by a series of additions and extensions from different eras.

Our proposals for CALA provide high quality residential accommodation with meaningful landscaped areas, which return a sense of clarity to the site whilst retaining and refurbishing the original stone building.

49 units will be provided, with 21 apartments in the original building. The total building footprint for the development is an approximate 16% reduction on the existing, creating better spaces and retaining the existing mature planting on the site.

  • Client: Cala Management ltd

  • Location: Newington, Edinburgh