The Return of Rosebank

Demolition works have commenced at the Rosebank Distillery site, in preparation for the construction of the revitalised distillery and visitor centre.

In advance of the demolitions commencing (being carried out by Central Demolitions Ltd) all the remaining original distillery equipment was carefully extracted and placed into storage, including the wooden wash backs and the extraordinarily heavy steel wash tun. These are among many items that will be recorded and professionally restored for display in the distillery’s new brand home and visitor experience.

It is unfortunate the three original copper stills were lost forever after they were stolen from the distillery in a well organised ‘heist’, however exact replicas of these have been commissioned to recreate the original triple distilling process.

The original malt mill is being fully restored (by one of the UK’s only mill restorers) and will be reinstated for use in the new distillery process, whilst the original wash backs, mash tun, worm tubs and other items will be carefully replicated in the manufacture of their replacements, creating a truly authentic process that matches that of the original Rosebank Distillery.

All the original bricks and roof slates from the distillery buildings that have been demolished have been stockpiled, and those that can be re-used will be incorporated into the new distillery building, visually linking the new distillery facility to the original.

Of course, the original chimney stack is being retained, a major focal point and the most recognisable part of the distillery.

The new distillery must cater for new processes, regulations and standards, but it is heartening to know that so much effort and resources are being put into retaining and re-using as much of the original distillery as possible. By Autumn, the new distillery’s construction will have commenced, and we are very excited to see the outcomes! Keep a lookout for more updates as the project progresses…

With thanks to our friends at Contagious and Ian MacLeod Distillers for the use of their beautiful images of the original distillery, taken before the demolitions began.