Brodies LLP

Evolution of Brodies Workplace

Following the corporate refurbishment of their Glasgow and Aberdeen offices, new management at Brodies wanted to consolidate their Edinburgh offices, then based over two separate locations, into one key ‘flagship’ destination for their clients and colleagues.

Capital Square

Moving into new, bespoke premises in the top three floors of Capital Square – arguably the best space in the building – the new space had to work harder, be more efficient, provide greater choice, and ultimately create a great, flexible and dynamic place to work.

This provided an exciting opportunity to reset working behaviours and establish a new culture better aligned with their management team and branding which presented a more dynamic, less formal organisation.

Accelerated Change

These goals were accelerated by the covid pandemic which increased the value of the workplace as a destination. ‘Why would you come into the office?’ This was a question that had to be answered by a workplace that was attractive, technologically enabled and highly flexible.

Navigating the project through the pandemic and the subsequent delays to programme was a significant challenge.

However, the global pandemic also afforded the time and opportunity to review Brodies’ aspirations, engage fully with their colleagues and assess how the business was adapting. This ultimately accelerated their smart working agenda and resulted in a well defined brief.

During the extended engagement process undertaken during lockdown, it was revealed that, whilst some of the senior partners were quite happy working from home, many of the junior staff were missing out on the learning benefits of the workplace, and vocalising this brought to attention the importance of the move from a cellular layout to a truly open and collaborative workplace.


Wellbeing was a key influence on the design, and its integration with the principles of WELL Accreditation has led to circadian cycles informing the lighting controls and considered use of biophilia throughout.

Wellbeing is supported through access to views for all users, but enclosed spaces for focussed, quiet working and reflection are also easily accessible.

A truly people focused design supports Brodies emerging wellbeing policies – encouraging nourishment, fitness, movement, interaction. Access to biophilia, outdoor space, views, artwork, a variety of focussed and collaborative spaces were all encompassed into the design.

This project has people, health and wellbeing at the heart- particularly client and colleagues experience and their commitment to this has resulted in the space becoming the first WELL Platinum certified office in Scotland.

Unexpected Impact

Within Brodies’ colleague base, some of the biggest sceptics coming from the cellular, owned space, townhouse environment have now become the greatest champions of the transformation to smart working and a shared workspace.

Brodies’ trailblazing approach to adapting their workplace to embrace new ways of working and provide full flexibility to their colleagues has transformed them from a corporate and traditional business to something that is dynamic, thought leading and accessible. This is evident in the intentional changes they have made to their workplace, providing more inviting and softer settings that aim to put their clients at ease and create a better experience overall.

The colleague experience at Brodies has been transformed, and this is down to the vision of the Partners and their commitment to invest in quality. Every single aspect of wellbeing that a workplace can offer – biophilia, art, daylight & views, quiet focus and collaboration, variety of worksettings, colour and texture – all contribute to the mental and physical nourishment of the user.

This approach, alongside the generous provision of breakout and tech enabled spaces, affords Brodies’ colleagues the very best in modern working practices. The success of the project has been borne out by the return to the office statistics Brodies are seeing – with utilisation being as high as 70% on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The understated and sophisticated approach to the overall design complements the Brodies brand ambitions and helps them become a far more accessible, approachable – and less corporate – law firm.

“What signal – about how we value our colleagues – does the space make to our current colleagues and every recruit we might attract in the years ahead? A good one, of course!

We will keep shouting about the differences it has made to the way we work and the pride our colleagues have in their firm.”

Nick Scott, Managing Partner, Brodies LLP