Michael Laird Architects were appointed as Workplace Consultants by Prudential, at their Craigforth Campus in Stirling. Our role was to work with the property team and building users to develop a future workplace strategy for the organisation and work through options for the building modernisation, and ultimately testing options for moving to a new site.

We carried out a series of activities to inform a future feasibility study for the site as follows:

  • Coordination and analysis of observational studies across the whole campus (Measured Utilisation and Targeted Insight)
  • Coordination and analysis of staff questionnaire
  • staff engagement workshops and senior management interviews
  • Building analysis
  • Space Budget
  • Building zoning and Stacking
  • Outline design proposals

Working up to RIBA Stage 2 this project involved developing architectural and interior design options for 3 different budget standards – Gold, Silver and Bronze.

  • Client: The Prudential

  • Location: Craigforth, Stirling